Q: Do I need to be in shape to join?
    A: A common misunderstanding is that you need to be ‘in shape’ before starting training. NO, you do not! Our mission here at Tong Dragon Mixed Martial Arts is to get you into top physical shape in a safe and progressive fashion. New students enter through our trial introductory lesson, where instructors assess your physical fitness strengths and needs. They, then recommend a course that would best fit your needs. Our Beginner Program is designed with the non-experienced student in mind; where the classes are meant to build you up, not break you down.

    Q: What’s the best age people start training?
    A:It is never too late to start learning the martial arts. It is perfect for men and women in their 30s, 40s, 50s and up! And it's never too early to start either! We start kids as young as 4 years old, with a curriculum that is age specific. Our training environment is friendly and motivating so you can learn at your own pace. Whether you are a beginner or a competitive athlete tuning up for your next fight, we have training programs for you!.

    Q: Will there be other beginners in my class?
    Absolutely. There are always beginners in class. Plus, the advanced students are always eager to help you get you on your way!

    Q: Is the training safe?
    A:With over 20 years’ experience teaching, we have learned to create a safe learning environment while at the same time producing effective results. We teach with the student’s safety in mind and their protection is our highest priority. The school is equipped with professionally matted floors that absorb shock and impact and our advanced students use the highest quality equipment when sparring.

    Q: Why should I train at Tong Dragon Mixed Martial Arts as opposed to somewhere else?
    A:We understand that there are many martial arts schools out there to choose from. Our programs and reputation speak for themselves. Here are a few reasons why we think we stand above the competition.

      - We have the experience. We have taught thousands of students since we were established in 1995, one of NJ’s original MMA academies
      - We have the most cutting-edge curriculum with complete programs in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino Martial Arts.
      - We are affiliated with the top martial arts instructors in the world. Our certifications and affiliations are earned through hard work and dedication. We did not buy into a franchise or affiliation membership for rapid recognition.
      - We have top notch instructors. Our instructors are of the highest level in the arts that they teach. Not only that, they are continually improving and training.
      - We have the best equipped and most professional facility in the area.
      - Our environment is friendly and welcoming.
      - We have an elite staff that is not only professional, but courteous and friendly.
      - But don't take it from us, read our testimonial page for what our students have to say. And try is for yourself by signing up for our FREE trial class. Call us at (732) 237-2595 or click “Contact Us” to request an appointment.

    Q: How long will it take to get results?
    A:We understand that people want to get quick results. Within the first few classes, you will start to feel more confident. Our no-nonsense approach to training and application of the combative martial arts allows you to attain TOTAL FITNESS and TOTAL SELF-DEFENSE in a smart, safe, yet training in an intensive environment, which enables you to reach your personal goals.

    In the first month we guarantee you:

      - Increased strength and stamina
      - Better balance and body awareness
      - Stress reduction and increased levels of relaxation.

    In the first month we guarantee you:

      - Improved reflexes and coordination
      - Increased energy level
      - Improved appearance and muscle tone

      - Improved flexibility
      - Improved concentration, work and study habits

    In the first month we guarantee you:

      - Increased self-confidence and positive attitude
      - Greater self-discipline and a "can do" attitude

      - The knowledge that you are able to protect yourself and your loved ones should a life-threatening situation arise.
      - Better health and longevity

    Q: How many classes per week should I attend?
    We have classes 6 days a week so the amount of classes you take is based on your own personal schedule. Most of our members train about 1-3 times per week and see great results.

    Q: Will you help me with my nutritional habits?
    Yes! When you join our family we give you a complete packet of practical. applicable nutrition tips and guidelines to use. These will help you get to your goals in a hussle!

    Q: How do I get started?
    A:Call (732) 237-2595 or click “Contact Us” to request an appointment for a FREE Introductory Lesson!

    Q: What should I bring to my free introductory lesson?
    A:Just bring comfortable workout clothes like shorts and a t-shirt. Please avoid zippers and buttons if possible. Everything else you will need we will supply for you during the intro class. If you'd like to enroll in one of our programs afterward, you may do so with a check or any major credit card. So, come on in, we'll be expecting you. Just let the person at the desk know you are there for your free intro lesson.

    Q: What does the introductory lesson involve?
    A:It is okay to be nervous before doing anything new. But, there is absolutely no need to be when coming in for your free introductory lesson. The introductory lesson is a great opportunity for you to learn exactly how our programs can help you achieve your martial arts and fitness goals in a hands-on environment. There is absolutely no pressure to perform at a certain fitness or technical level. One of our top instructors will guide you through a 30 minute lesson on the basics of Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts in an easy-to-understand and fun way. About 99% of our new students have absolutely NO background in martial arts, so all of our introductory lessons are designed to build up your martial arts and fitness levels from the ground up. We will get you to work up a light sweat through exercises at your own pace, so please bring athletic apparel or any other gear you may be comfortable working out in. We will have everything else that you will need for your first lesson at Tong Dragon Martial Arts, so beyond that just bring an open mind and ANY questions about our programs and we'll supply the rest!

    Once again, you are entitled to a free introductory class!

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